Final Film


Evaluation- Question 6

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

I mainly used a Canon 700D to film the clips I made throughout the year, this coupled with the 18-55mm lens was great as the camera is simplistic and straightforward to use whilst getting amazing quality picture with a huge range of settings to get the perfect shot for whatever I was  filming. I also used a Go-Pro Hero 4 Black and a Hero 2 Black to film some of the clips in my final film which I could not use the Canon for as I had no mount or body straps made for the Canon’s mount and it would be too heavy to get the high paced shots I wanted. The advantages of using a Go-Pro is that it is incredibly light and small, but still gets very good quality shots and that it has a large range of mounts made for it to get the shots I wanted. For the Go-Pro I used a chest harness, a 3rd person view mount and held it in my hand for quick moving shots, these were all used to good effect as it made the final scene more interesting. I used a tripod and a slider to get the perfect shots for my video to make it have a higher pace and to therefore keep the audience more engaged, use of the slider can be seen in the opening title scenes and the use of the tripod can be seen whenever the camera is not on the ground.

Throughout the year I have been used the Adobe Suite to edit my videos to the highest standard possible, this can be seen in the final video I made, and in short films I did earlier in the year like the preliminary task and the running man video that I made to help me build my confidence in using the software’s involved and knowledge of the programs more advanced tools. The main editing software I learned to use was Adobe Premiere Pro which I found generally simplistic and very easy to use. Later on I got to grips with using Adobe After Effects as this helped me to do more advanced techniques that are not available on Premiere Pro, such as putting effects on my titles like the 3D tracker effect which I used to get moving titles in the opening of my film. I also used Adobe Audition to edit sound clips which I used to elongate the beating heart sound effect to the time I needed which can be heard throughout my final piece and I used Adobe Photoshop make the flatline symbol for the logo in my clip.

I made my Ident using a step by step tutorial I found on YouTube by Morocco Tutorials who produce a host of other After effects tutorials, this was incredibly helpful as after effects can be a difficult program to use as there are so many different effects and programs that it is easy to get confused when there is little help available.

I used the website WordPress to make a blog where I regularly uploaded content to show my progress through the course and the increasing technicality of the programs I was using, and to show my ideas and planning coming together to form my final piece, from drawing and annotating storyboards to analysing existing films to see what they do well and the themes and camera shots they use throughout.

Lastly, I learned how to use a range of websites, like the presentation website Prezi to make informative and creative slide shows which I know I will use in the future, the video upload site Vimeo to get all my clips on to the internet for easy access and also so I could embed them into my blog and the survey site SurveyMonkey to get the views of a range of people to see what I need to do and keep in mind when creating my final piece.

Overall, I have been able to broadened my skills in numerous programs and software’s and also learned to use a range of equipment that I did not have the ability or access to and learned to use them to a level where I can make products that I can be proud of, I know as well that I will use many of them in the future thanks to this.